About Us

We are a team devoted towards protection, conservation and improvement of our Mother Nature and Humanity. Our sole objective is to pass on a habitable, Green, Pollution Free Earth and a better world to the future generations. Ecologics & Innovation works towards nullyfying the imbalance caused by us, our society and our people. Our goal is to bring the focus on value and importance of our planet and environment to all human beings, and urge all to adopt a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Realize lifestyle in order to support and respect the efforts to preserve the planet, our one and only source of life.


Ecologics & Innovations believes that a country can develop meaningfully only when ecological sustainability and social equity are guaranteed, and a sense of respect for, and oneness with nature, and fellow humans is achieved. It is a non-hierarchical organisation and the group takes all decisions after appropriate debate and discussion.

In this fast changing world, conservation is a continuous process where new challenges emerge every day. There is no such milestone in conservation which can be achieved once and for all. However, the process must adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific advancements. We believe that without community’s empowerment and participation no amount of effort can sustain any threatened or vulnerable ecosystem, livelihood or natural resources.

We are charged with developing, implementing and enforcing the environmental protection laws that ensure clean air, clean water, clean soil, safe pesticides and waste recycling and reduction.

Our Mission

"To take measures necessary for effective protection and management of the natural environment, coordination of conservation programmes, sustainable use of natural resources, assessment of the impact of development activities on the environment."

Our Vision

"Let us all work together with all sectors of society raising awareness, encouraging balanced eco-friendly action and advocating a better environment that uplifts the livelihood of todays and future generations."